Skiing & Mountaineering 2018-2019


An important word that encloses a series of fundamental knowledge and experience features that will be shared with you in the various sessions dedicated to each topic. We will review how to walk, how to climb up above 4000 meters, as well as the climbing technique and the ascent to the Alps’ greatest rock walls. All year long it is possible to experience unforgettable emotions in the mountains if you know the necessary conditions to prevent dangers and what to do to manage risks better.

Here are our proposals:

A theme day – Climbing, safety, glacier progression, multipitch, high altitude ridges, via ferratas and trekking. These are the topics for a whole day with an Alpine guide who will help you to fully understand the topic of your choice.

  • Cost per person: 280 Euro
  • For two participants, 150 Euro per person

Weekend or two-day mini course at your choice – two days of great emotions in safety.
First day – familiarization and technique with an introduction to the fundamentals of a variety of mountain terrains.
Second day – climbing together to a selected summit

  • Cost per person: 500 Euro
  • For two participants, 250 Euro per person
  • For three participants, 200 Euro per person
  • For four participants, 180 Euro per person

5-day course- An important insight into the subject, which provides an intensive mountaineering program with the explanation of each theme and practical tests on every terrain, climbing, high altitude and glacier.

  • Cost for three participants, 600 Euro per person
  • For four participants, 450 Euro per person