Freeride 2018-2019



The ultimate fun is flying over immaculate snow on a slope, touching the ground weightlessly by playing with techniques and the strength of nature; it is wonderful, for a moment that seems eternal, to defy the laws of gravity.
To achieve this, however, it is not enough to be good, to have great technical knowledge. As important as having good skills is, we must also be supported by a number of external elements that may help us achieve our goal, giving us the highest probability of success, without compromising safety.
The ideal time to reach a descending slope is not only when there is snow, we have free time and there is sunshine; surely these factors are important and can serve as a primary motivation, but we need to know other data without which our trip would be full of unknowns, becoming a leap in the dark.
Our Freeride Skiing training course will let you know the secrets to enjoy yourself safely and teach you how to decipher each useful element for the successful completion of your off-piste skiing performance.
The following contents will be reviewed during the course:
– analysis of your technique and equipment, video, territory and weather observation, avalanche bulletin, choice of route, approach strategy, technical learning exercises, translation of all data on the territory, off-piste descent, changes and adaptations, climbing technique, snowpack testing, slope selection, air and snow temperature control, selection of incline, capacity, special roping techniques, other group/people management, environment-man relationship.
Dates and places can be changed according to requests and snow conditions; each route will be evaluated and identified with the guide the day before. Our Alpine Guides may choose another route if safety conditions do not allow the regular tour to take place.
Shovel, avalanche beacon and probe are mandatory; you can rent the complete kit with backpack at our organization.
Every Monday morning, freeride trial for anyone interested in approaching this activity and enrolling in the course.


½ day safety proposal in the afternoon, for all those who want to understand what modern Freeride is. The program will take place in absolutely safe places and does not require the ability to ski; we will evaluate modern methods of prevention and self-help with a simulation of search of avalanche victims. Cost is 50 Euro per person, including equipment. Minimum 3, maximum 10 participants.


⦁ Basic ½ day proposal, for all those who want to enjoy their first freeride experience. Level required: red slopes. This course includes on-piste and off-piste warm-up, to be followed by a technical analysis of the skiing techniques and of how to optimize skills in the freeride descent. The instructor will discuss danger prevention and self-help material, as well as the best options to adapt to a variety of freeride terrains. We will also undertake a brief analysis of the snow pack to understand the avalanche dynamics and how to avoid dangers.
⦁ ½ day Evolution proposal, for all those who want to deepen off-piste techniques and safety; participants must have black-slope ski skills. After a warm-up phase and a checklist of the material, we will climb to 3000 meters, to the Presena Glacier to face the mythical “Sgualdrina” and then the “Cantiere” or the “Canale del Diavolo” to tackle the steep ski technique.

Half day of pure pleasurePRICE
1 participant€ 160,00
2 participant€ 100,00
3 participant€ 80,00
4 participant€ 70,00
5 participant€ 60,00
* Prices listed are intended per person


  • Basic full day proposal, black-slope ski skills required. After a general on-piste and off-piste warm-up, inspection of equipment and review of any adjustment required on the basis of snow conditions, we will make an off-piste descent that is not too challenging, yet fun. After our lunch-break and some rest, we will decide, together with the group and according to the different needs, also considering the conditions of the snow and of the group components, to perform a few off-piste descents, as well as snowpack test , a group self-help test, a video and a technical review of the various descents.
  • Full day Evolution proposal, freeride skills required. It will be possible to access the various exclusive channels in the area which, with different terrain variance, will allow us to enjoy a unique Freeride exhibition at its highest level.
For those who never have enough of itPRICE
1 participant€ 280,00
2 participant€ 170,00
3 participant€ 135,00
4 participant€ 115,00
5 participant€ 100,00
* Prices listed are intended per person


Freeride course, three half days to get to know the Freeride technique and safety features, minimum 3, maximum 8 participants, personal equipment set (shovel, avalanche beacon and probe) included in the price; the course will be led by an Alpine guide and ski, snowboard and telemark instructor; therefore, any piece of equipment is accepted.
COURSE COST: 170 Euro per person, minimum 3, maximum 8 participants
Course Program: on the scheduled dates, we will conduct an equipment inspection at our site, then for the first half day, we will warm up both on-piste and off-piste learning the prevention and organization basics, as well as testing each participant’s personal technique. During the second half day, we will climb to the glacier and, depending upon the weather conditions, try the real freeride; we will also explain how to test the snowpack and how to understand the risk of avalanches in order to avoid them. On the third half day, depending on the team’s ability, it will be possible to descend safely along one of more freeride routes in the area.

Discounts for pre-formed groups