Activities and Courses 2018-2019

Patient instructors capable to handle both private and group lessons optimally. EvoTeam’s modern methods will make you acquire skills with less efforts, and increase awareness of your technical and physical capabilities. You will be reassured and guided through a truly unique experience!Instructors’ Welcome Tour andScritchFREEThe recurrent appointment of TonalEvolution with other-than-beginner skiers, snowboarders and freeriders!We have the pleasure to invite all other-than-beginner children and adult skiersto participate, free of charge, every Sunday from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm to the Welcome Tour, during which our instructors and Scritch, our mascot, will ski with you and be at your disposal to give information about the resort and the slopes of our entire Ponte di Legno-Tonale ski area. You will also have the opportunity to receive some technical advice on your skiing technique.We highly recommend participation by those who have already planned to take some courses; this event is an integral (free) part of weekly courses and assists in forming groups and testing the participants’ skills and needs.Admission is also open to those who do not intend to take courses organized by TonalEvolution.We will be waiting for you at 3 pm at our office, which will be the tour’s starting point.(Beginner children: MEETING POINT TonalEvolution Office, on Sunday, with hour-long participation (3:00 pm to 3:55 pm), which is free for those who will attend the weekly beginner’s group course; alternatively, private classes will be coordinated based upon instructors’ availability.Beginner adults: the beginner adult weekly group course will start onMonday; alternatively, private classes will be coordinated based upon instructors’ availability).

-CHILDREN Ski & Snowboard:

Private and group ski and snowboard lessons, with the possibility of designing multi-hour packages. Let’s learn while having fun: beginners will have at their disposal a private Kindergarten equipped with many games children will use with the EvoTeam to learn their first steps and stops on the snow, before venturingonto ski slopes. At the end of the weekly group course, children will try to zigzag through cones and posts. Each partecipant will receive a prize. The youngest – though other-than-beginner – partecipants, instead, will take part in a “treasure hunt”, while older partecipants in a “contest” during which they will have the opportunity to test their newly honed technical skills. Children who a’end more than 5 hours of lessons will receive the Scritch album with animal steckers related to the drills performed during the lessons, to learn how to ski while having fun.


Our private lessons, that become extraordinary experiences through our coaching method.Evolution videos with analysis of the participants’ descents on videoEvolution with intercom system with the possibility of benefitting from the instructor’s remedial advice in real time, through an earpiece during the descent Our group lessons, which will be personalized through the coaching method, thus generating involvement and technical improvement. At the end of the week, participants will perform in a choreographed show.


Our Alpine guides and Alpine guides’ instructor Gianni Trepin will make you enjoy the freeride in complete safety. From easy inclines on slope edges to true excursions through pristine landscapes and dusty snow channels. TonalEvolution o&ers daily excursions by helicopter.SnowboardFrom beginners to experts – our instructors will guide you to the discovery of snowboarding, both on slopes and at the snow park. Introduction to competitive activities /competitionThanks to the experience of the former Italian National Team’s World Cup athlete and our current National Instructor, Omar Longhi, you will receive high-quality personalized training into modern skiing techniques and be guided in performing descents through posts or simply in enjoying the excitement of the famous “carving” technique.

-FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNGSTERS FUN & GO SEASONAL COURSE – skiing, snowboarding, freestyling and freeriding:

With great enthusiasm, the EvoTeam, comprising ski instructors and coaches from TonalEvolution, offers the FUN & GO Course for SKIING, SNOWBOARDING and FREERIDING at Passo del Tonale. Under a new and revisited guise, the Fun & Go course will feature PLAY, FUN, and SPORTS EDUCATION for those who will have the opportunity to visit Passo Tonale more frequently during the 2017-2018 season. Instructors and trainers will teach modern skiing techniques with a playful approach, allowing participants to enjoy the pleasure of staying on the snow and learning about the ski environment while sharing new experiences. The goal is to bring new generations closer to the typical sports of our valleys in a gentle yet passionate way, teaching the activities that can be practiced on snow and how to learn while having fun, without the stress of competition. This new experience is open to everyone … participants age 5 years and older are welcome! Groups will be made up of children of similar/equal age and skills, inorder to engender a climate suitable for learning and MAKING FRIENDS


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